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Crewel Embroidery Kit Designs
by Blanche Virgien

All designs are fully kitted with 100% linen fabric or linen twill or cotton/linen flax,
100% wool crewel yarn, needle, and complete color and stitch directions

Shoulder Bags -- 10"w x 9"h bag View the text list of the kits
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#328 #328 Black-capped Chickadee Shoulder Bag
Black-capped Chickadee Shoulder Bag
#329 #329 Cardinals And Jasmine Shoulder Bag
Cardinals And Jasmine Shoulder Bag
[Not available]
#330 #330 Daisies Shoulder Bag
Daisies Shoulder Bag
[Not available]
#331 #331 Maple Leaves Shoulder Bag
Maple Leaves Shoulder Bag
[Not available]
#332 #332 White On White Shoulder Bag
White On White Shoulder Bag
#333 #333 White-winged Crossbill Shoulder Bag
White-winged Crossbill Shoulder Bag
[Not available]
#334 #334 Wildflowers Shoulder Bag
Wildflowers Shoulder Bag
[Not available]

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