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Crewel Embroidery Kit Designs
by Blanche Virgien

All designs are fully kitted with 100% linen fabric or linen twill or cotton/linen flax,
100% wool crewel yarn, needle, and complete color and stitch directions

Fruit Clusters View the text list
Wild Ducks View the text list
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#369 #369 Apple, Pear, Grapes
Apple, Pear, Grapes
#370 #370 Pear, Grape, Quince
Pear, Grapes, Quince
#371 #371 Pintail Ducks
Pintail Ducks
[Not available]
#372 #372 Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks
[Not available]
Eye Glass Cases View the text list of the kits
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#373 #373 Columbine And Bumblebee Eye Glass Case
Columbine And Bumblebee Eye Glass Case
#374 #374 Fairy Ring Mushrooms Eye Glass Case
Fairy Ring Mushrooms Eye Glass Case
#375 #375 Owl And Mouse Eye Glass Case
Owl And Mouse Eye Glass Case
#376 #376 Bookworm Eye Glass Case
Bookworm Eye Glass Case

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