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Color Family Names

There are 195 colors of DAISIES, POPPIES, BUDS and STARS in 39 color families,
and 180 colors of TULIPS in 36 color families. The first two digits of each color number
gives the family (e.g. 01). The last digit gives the shade within the color family --
the higher the number, the darker the shade (e.g. 019 is darker than 013).

Each color family has been given a "name" to indicate the general shading of the family.
The DAISIES, TULIPS, POPPIES, BUDS and STARS families are as follows:

01x Watermelon         59x Thyme ++
05x Sweetpea 60x Rainforest
07x Carnation 62x Eucalyptus
09x Raspberry 64x Khaki
17x Mulberry 67x Olive
19x Ripe Plum 70x Lemon Crush
23x Pansy 72x Ripe Corn
27x Hyacinth 74x Daffodil
28x Jacaranda 76x Orange Spice
29x Lavender 78x Apricot Delight
32x Pacific Ocean 80x Burnt Orange
34x Denim 82x Peach Melba
36x Periwinkle 85x Salmon Pink
38x Cornflower 86x Flesh
40x Sky Blue 92x Sandstone
46x Sea Spray 94x Hazelnut
54x Forest Grove 96x Chocolate Dip
55x Asparagus 98x Slate
56x Kiwifruit 99x Pewter
58x Apple Green

color family added January 2014

Note these special colors:
990 = Bright White       991 = Ecru       999 = Nearly Black

All of the colors in these color families are available in wool BLOSSOMS

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